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Application Migration
Instant Data Teleporting of physical and virtual workloads across systems and sites using a built-in, simple-to-use virtualization engine

Application Migration


Migrating applications data across systems and sites is an ongoing challenge that is sometimes required for reasons like decommission of aging storage, performance boost, load balance, move application between sites etc. Those migrations are usually very challenging and require a lot of planning and validations and in some cases it may require external tools. Long application downtime, that may take hours to days, is usually associated with this type of task since data needs to be copied across the systems.

NoMigrate - Drag & Drop, Done.

Reduxio NoMigrate is an advanced instant data migration and mobility technology built into the Reduxio TimeOS operating system. Customers can simply drag & drop the application's volumes from existing storage arrays into the Reduxio system allowing applications to start using the migrated data immediately. Applications also benefit from performance improvement since all IO is serviced by the Reduxio flash-based storage system. The applications owners benefits from a shorter, simpler migration process, since there is no need to wait for data copies to complete before starting the applications.

Reduxio NoMigrate leverages the global virtualization of data location and the multi-tiering nature of TimeOS, so migration of large applications data sets from 3rd-party storage or another Reduxio system, are almost seamless.

NoMigrate - Drag & Drop, Done.

Global Data Access

Once the application data was migrated into the Reduxio system, applications owners can instantly create clones of the data, from different points in time and share them with other departments. Those copies can used for tests, development, reporting, analytics and more, helping to reduce overall infrastructure complexity and cost. Global organization can leverage NoMigrate and NoRestore features within the Reduxio system to have those clones immediately available at sites that are half way across the globe, using a "teleporting" like technology, and by that, eliminate applications data access limitations.

The Reduxio HX Series

The HX series enterprise flash storage arrays, based on Reduxio's TimeOS storage operating system allow you to recover application data to any second in the past, eliminates most of the complexity associated with managing storage. The system is designed for the most demanding enterprise applications and providing exceptional performance and efficiency.

Reduxio's patented storage operating system, TimeOS, is designed to address customer storage challenges by leveraging advances in processing power and high-speed networks. Reduxio TimeOS uses data centric architecture ot provide rich data management functionality.

Features and Benefits:

Key Benefits:

  • Instant Data Mobility - Move hundreds of terabytes across systems and sites in seconds without waiting for data copy to finish
  • Works with any storage and application - Migrate physical and virtual workloads, from any 3rd-party iSCI storage
  • Direct Storage-to-Storage IO - Data is copied directly between storage systems, with no impact on application servers
  • Built into every Reduxio system - No need for migration services, software or hardware

Key Featues:

  • Instant data mobility across systems and sites in seconds
  • Instantly make applications accessible to users while actual data copy occurs in the background
  • Migrate physical and virtual workloads, from any 3rd-party iSCSI storage
  • Data is copied directly between storage systems, with no impact on application servers
  • Built into every Reduxio system
  • Easily create clones to test applications before any major change
  • Recover applications to the second before the corruption
  • Applications are automatically protected.


Download the Reduxio Application Migration Solution Brief Datasheet (.PDF)