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Reduxio BackDating
Instantly recover data from any second with no upfront planning or data copy

Why use snapshot backups when you can travel back in time with BackDating?

Recover and clone instantly from any second in the past with no upfront planning or data copy

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Reduxio BackDating
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Backdating makes snapshots obsolete with one-second recovery intervals that are consistent across all hosts and volumes. Working like a continuous data recorder, BackDating lets you instantly recover from any moment in history down to the second.

BackDating operates like a built-in time machine, instantly recover your applications from any data loss event - be it software failure or cyber attacks, simply by cloning/reverting volumes from the past.

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The Challenge

Your datacenter is overflowing with hosts, applications, and databases. Traditional disk and tape backup methods weren't designed for your modern environment. Even snapshots, once considered cutting-edge, are now 20 years old. Why force yourself to solve today's problems with yesterday's solutions?

The Solution: BackData Your Data, Forever

  • When a disaster occurs just rewind to any second in the past
  • No waiting to restore a database or application when recovery is instantaneous with zero overhead
  • No worries about dependencies between applications, databases, and operating systems when backups of all of your hosts and volumes are consistent

Snapshots are Obsolete!

Snapshot-based technologies which were introduced more than two decades ago not suitable for today's requirements for ultimate data availability:

  • Data is at risk most of the time - Limited number fo recovery points mean that most of the time the data is unrecoverable.
  • A lot more capacity is required - Some snapshot architectures still require a full copy for each snapshot, some identify changes but in large chunks, and others do not dedupe data between the original data and its snapshots.

BackDating overcomes these limitations, providing ultimate data protection. History is always available for recovery, and space consumption is kept to a minimum since data and history are globally deduped and compressed. BackDating provides an administrative peace of mind, with data protection that is always there when you need it, without the management overhead that's typically required by backup and recovery solutions.

Applicaiton consistency is provided with ease, with all major applications intuitively recoverable to any second in the past. Complementary to one-second recovery points, specific timestamps which are significant to the application can be marked as such using a new concept called bookmarks. Bookmarks are no more than a label, yet enable high frequency application-aware backup points.

Snapshot-based technologies

Features and Benefits:

Key Benefits:

  • Instantly recover data from any moment in history down to the second
  • Data is consistent across volumes eliminating complex grouping policies
  • No more snapshot scheduling - data is recoverable with no upfront setup
  • Solutions for leading enterprise software and applications from VMware, Microsoft, and Oracle

Key Featues:

  • Always-on - History is constantly tracked. Unlike snapshots, there is no schedule - data is always recoverable, eliminating user errors.
  • Revert to Any Second - Instantaneous recovery in-place to any second in the past without moving data.
  • Clone from Any Second - Instantaneous cloning to create versions of applications and data for development and test.
  • Multi-level Independent Thin Clones - Thin, virtual writeable clones do not depend on the source volume.
  • Bookmarks - Mark specific timestamps for future recovery and cloning.
  • Granular History Management - Global and per-volume management fo history expiration times.
  • Automatic Consistency - Cross-volume backdating to the same timestamp is inherently consistent without any configuration.
  • Application Support - Reduxio BackDating supports the recovery and cloning of platforms and applications from leading vendors.
  • Reduxio Storage Manager for VMware vSphere - Storage management console for VMware virtualized infrastructure that provides integrated configuration and datastore recovery.
  • Reduxio Storage Manager for Microsoft - Native support for Microsoft backup application using a Reduxio VSS provider integrated with BackDating.


Recover from Ransomware using BackDating

Watch the demo on how you can recover from Ransomware using BackDating. You don’t have to worry about Ransomware, you can sit back & relax

Demo – Recovering a Database Using Reduxio BackDating

Eyal Traitel, Director of Technical Marketing, demonstrates recovering a deleted database using Reduxio’s BackDating technology.


Download the Reduxio BackDating Datasheet (.PDF)


Reduxio Products
Reduxio BackDating
Reduxio BackDating
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