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Data Protection
Built-in Protection, replication and Copy Data Management with instant DR and full automation

Self-Protected Storage for applications


Self-Protected Storage for Applications

Reduxio presents a new approach to data protection and data managment - an enterprise flash storage solution with built-in disaster recovery and copy data management. This consolidation simplifies infrastructure and eliminates the need of legacy solutions which means management simplicity and lower acquisition and operational costs. Self protection is built around two new capabilities that are available as part of every Reduxio storage solution.

BackDating obsoletes the use of schedule-based snapshots and provides the ability to recover data to any point in the pas at a granularity of one second.

NoRestore obsoletes traditional backup and replication for disaster recovery and enables "near-zero" RTO recovery. Continuous incremental copies of protected volumes captured by NoRestore are stored in shareable repositories and can be used for a broader set of use cases beyond disaster recovery.


NoRestore enables administrators to protect their data by creating continuous incremental copies in a remote repository that can reside in the cloud or on another storage device. These remote copies can be used to recover or clone applications with near-zero RTO. Reduxio's virtualization technology ensures that the volumes are fully accessible to applications instantaneously while data is intelligently transferred from the repository. Data transferred for NoRestore is encrypted, and is very efficient since all data is deduped and compressed, and only unique data blocks are transferred as part of the process.

The protection of volumes if fully policy driven with simple user-configurable polices.

These policies determine for each volume, the desired RPO and data retention. Any copy can configured to be retained forever in the repository providing a simple solution to archive applications. The copies of a given volume on the repository can either be restored to the source or to any other Reduxio system. This allows flexible recovery scenarios when restoring multiple applications after a disaster. The ability to share data between multiple systems allows NoRestore to used for a broader set of use cases beyond data protection - creating and managing copies for test and development, devops, and analytics.

BackDating - Data Time Machine

BackDating enables administrators to revert and clone volumes to any second in the past. Unlike snapshots which captures discrete points in time, BackDating works like a DVR and provides continuous protection of the data, with 1 second RPO.

Volumes are protected from the second they are created. There is no need for upfront administration, complicated planning and configuration of the snapshot schedules. When there is a need to restore data or to clone it, BackDating provides the administrator a simple methodto instantly "rewind" the data to any second in the past by creating a clone or by reverting a volume in-place. Beyond the traditional use case of data and application recovery, with the ever-present threat of ransomware, BackDating provides the best way to recover data in case of a successful attack.

Reduxio StorApp for vSphere

Installed as a vSphere Web Client plugin, the Reduxio StorApp for vSphere allows provisioning for datastores right from the vSphere Web Client. Datastores and VMs can then be recovered from any point in time using the integrated support for Reduxio's BackDating feature.

The Reduxio HX Series

The HX series enterprise flash storage arrays accelerate performance by serving the most active blocks directly from RAM an SSD. Data is stored in deduped and compressed format even at the RAM level, providing exceptional performance and efficiency.

The combined with the rich data management features of Reduxio's patented TimeOS storage operating system, makes the Reduxio HX series flash storage systems the ideal choice for the most demanding enterprise applications.

Features and Benefits:

Key Benefits:

  • Simplify your infrastructure - Consolidate primary storage, data protection, DR, copy data management and cloud connectivity in one platform
  • Instantly recover data to any second - BackDating, a built-in "time machine", allows instant volume recovery from any second
  • Disaster recovery with near-zero RTO - Protect your data and then recover it in seconds, regardless of its size
  • Open data protection platform - Create secondary copies on your choice of any iSCI storage or in the cloud

Key Featues:

  • Always-on data protection with no scheduling or administration required
  • Instant 1-second recovery granularoty for applications and VMs
  • Instant disaster recovery from a remote storage regardless of data size
  • Continuous, incremental data transfers to any iSCSI storage, Amazon Web Services or S3-based object storage
  • Protected data is sent and stored in the deduped and compressed format
  • Protect applications and systems from leading vendors like VMware, Microsoft, Oracle and more


Download the Reduxio Data Protection Solution Brief Datasheet (.PDF)