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Reduxio NoMigrate
Instantly migrate physical and virtual workloads from third-party storage

Tired of endless migrations?
NoMigrate | Instant data teleporting

Instantly migrate physical and virtual workloads from third-party storage

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Reduxio NoMigrate
Reduxio NoMigrate
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Instant data mobility across systems and data centers. Easily transfer entire applications from 3rd-party storage into a Reduxio system within seconds.

Drag & Drop, Done

Data migration typically involves complex manual projects that require a lot of human involvement and usually takes days to weeks to complete.

Reduxio NoMigrate is an advanced data migration and data mobility technology built into the Reduxio TimeOS operating system. Customers looking to optimize their IT infrastructure can instantly migrate data off their existing storage arrays to a Reduxio flash system, and immediately benefits from improved performance.

NoMigrate leverages the global virtualization of data location and the multi-tering nature of Reduxio TimeOS ensuring minimal downtime for the applications by making data available during the process.

How does NoMigrate Work?

To perform the migration, Redxio is configured as a host to the source storage system which allows Reduxio to virtualize resources from the source system and migrate them. Once the NoMigrate process starts, all host I/O requests are sent to the Reduxio system as if all data already resides there. Writes are performed locally by the Reduxio system, hence are always fast.

As soon as the NoMigrate operation starts, all the data is instantly available to users and applications directly from the Reduxio storage system. They can access any information as well as write new data to that volume.

A background process fetches all blocks from the source storage system and copies them into the Reduxio system in deduped and compressed format. When applicaitons or users are reading blocks that were not migrated yet, NoMigrate will priorities the copy of those blocks so they are immidiately available for normal applicaiton operation. In addition to the instant availability, once the migration starts, migrated volumes are protected by BackDating and can be cloned back to any second.

NoMigrate and CDM

NoMigrate allows customers to capture data from their existing non-Reduxio production systems and instantly migrate it. When used in conjunction with Reduxio's NoRestore feature, customers can benefits from a Copy Data Management (CDM) like capabilities. They can easily create clones that are instantly available for multiple systems for test, development, reporting and other purposes. This can help customers to reduce overall infrastructure complexity and cost.

NoMigrate and CDM

Features and Benefits:

Key Benefits:

  • Instant Data Mobility - Migrate dozens of terabytes in seconds, eliminating long copy windows
  • Works with any storage and application - Migrate physical and virtual workloads, from any 3rd-party iSCI storage
  • Direct Storage-to-Storage IO - Data is copied directly between storage systems with no impact on application servers
  • Built into every Reduxio System - No need for additional migration software, hardware or services

Key Features:

  • Migrated data is accessbile immediately while actual data copy occurs in the background
  • Instantly migrate physical servers and VMs
  • Works with any iSCSI storage and supports any 3rd-party iSCSI storage
  • Data is deduped and compressed
  • Simply drag and drop to migrate remote LUNs
  • Direct storage-to-storage IO with no impact on servers
  • No more migration projects - volumes are immediately imported
  • Actual data copy occurs in the background
  • Built into every Reduxio HX Series System


Download the Reduxio NoMigrate Datasheet (.PDF)


Reduxio Products
Reduxio NoMigrate
Reduxio NoMigrate
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