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Reduxio NoRestore
Built-in Data Protection and Mobility solution with Recovery Instant

Recover 100TB in seconds.
NoRestore | Instant data recovery

Consolidate primary storage, backup, DR, copy data management and cloud connectivity

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Reduxio NoRestore
Reduxio NoRestore
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Consolidating primary storage, backup, DR, copy data management and cloud connectivity products into a single solution, NoRestore efficiently protects data to remote Reduxio and 3rd-party storage, private or public cloud and provides an almost immediate recovery for even the largest data sets.

Native, Open, Efficient

The Reduxio HX system with NoRestore combines primary and secondary storage anagement into a single platform. With NoRestore, an advanced data protection and data mobility technology, customers are no longer tied to strict selection of secondary storage hardware, puzzled by separate management platform, and limited by slow recovery times. NoRestore protects data by continuously sending incremental updates to a free choice of storage hardware or cloud services. Only changed data needs to be sent. Reduxio's global, always-on deduplication - NoDup - ensures that blocks are only sent once.

Restore 100TB - In Seconds?

Data can be instantly recovered to the same or any other Reduxio system. When restored, specific volumes or the entire system are made available to servers immediately, enabling an immediate recovery of the applications and returen to production service, all while data is still being copied back in the background.

The unique multi-tiering and data virtualization technologies of Reduxio TimeOS make the recovery operations seamless even when performed from a distant system or a cloud service. Once a restore has started, the data is immediately available for the users and applications on the target system.

One Repository - Many Uses

Data backed up by NoRestore is stored in a special format called a repository. Designed for flexible data access, a repository can be leveraged for other purposes as well. For example, versions of design data or entire virtual environments can be made available immediately on toher systems around the globe. The same data can then be cloned multiple times using TimeOS zero-copy independent clones for further DevOps operations.

When there is a need to clone an environment on a secondary storage, in the same or in a remote site, NoRestore provides the capability of creating a standby, up-to-data clone of the data, that can be used for DevOps or tests. The source environment can continue to update the data in the NoRestore repository on the remote machine so DevOps can always work on the latest copy of the data.

One Repository - Many Uses

Features and Benefits:

Key Benefits:

  • Unified Storage & Protection Platform - Consolidate primary storage, backup, DR, CDM and cloud connectivity in one platform
  • Instant Data Recovery and Mobility - Instantly recover or mobilize mult-terabyte data sets from distant systems or clouds
  • Open Data Protection - Protect physical and virtual workloads to any iSCI storage, AWS or private object stores
  • Highly Efficient Transfers - Transfer only incremental, deduped and compressed data

Key Features:

  • Instantly recover and access data with no need to wait for a full restore
  • Move large capacity data sets across locations in a split second
  • Protect data to Reduxio, 3rd-party iSCI storage, Amazon Web Services or S3-based private cloud buckets
  • Does not require additional software or hardware to acquire and manage
  • RPO/RTO of seconds, no matter where your data resides - be it on-premise or cloud
  • Policy-based management and REST API automation

How It Works:

NoRestore is a smart data protection technology. By leveraging Tier-X - Reduxio's built-in multi-tiering engine, it is able to copy volume data from a Reduxio system to a remote storage destination. Data is always sent in deduplicated and compressed format, so the data transfer is very efficient. When restoring a volume, the volume object is immediately created, and a restore process copies back the missing data blocks from the remote storage. If a host tires to read data that is still missing, it is fetched on-demand from the other side. This effectively provides the user with an instant restoration of data, without the need to wait for the full restore to finish, hence the name "No-Restore". Volume recoveries are imediate, occuring within seconds, regardless of capacity.

How It Works


Download the Reduxio NoRestore Datasheet (.PDF)


Reduxio Products
Reduxio NoRestore
Reduxio NoRestore
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